Company Technik Partner a.s.

It is exclusive supplier of PTR Hartmann test probes for electric tests for Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.
Simultaneously we project, design, manufacture, and assemble test adapters, bed of nails fixtures, assembly fixtures, industry machines, production and assembly lines, automatization engineering and machinery and so on…
Company can offer optimizing solutions to our customers in commercial and manufactural division.
Our customers are small companies as well as multinational corporate companies.
We always aim to fulfil customer demands, to be able to offer the ideal solution exclusively to specific applications or production requirements.
Our team of skilled professionals has got years of experience in line of business.
Engineering department constantly develops company know-how, to be able to respond efficiently to customer demands and requests.

Main company activities are:

Commercial section

  • Test probes for electric tests
  • Terminal blocks and connection technology for PCB
  • Static mixers, needles, dispensers, cartridges, adhesives and accessories from DELO

Production activities

  • test adapters and fixtures
  • test and production devices and units
  • single purpose machines (all according to customers demand and request)
  • design presentation of production machines and assemblies and test appliances

Precise machine engineering

We provide complex solutions in precise machine engineering, tool-making and machining.

Company history

2000 - Start of activity of the company at the Czech and Slovak market and conclusion of contract of exclusive dealership for PTR Messtechnik GmbH for Czech republic and Slovak republic. The main commodity are test probes most frequently used for electric tests in automotive and electrotechnical industry.

2004 - Conclusion of contract with PTR Messtechnik GmbH of exclusive dealership of terminal blocks for PCB’s and company expansion to production activities in custom manufacturing according to customer request.

2005 - Expansion of commercial activities by trade of static mixers, dispensers, adhesives and accessories from DELO.

2006 - Building our own premises for development of business and manufacture activities in PRAG 9-Hloubětín.

2014 - Relocation of the whole company to new premises in Bořanovice PRAG-east.

Partners and dealership:

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PTR HARTMANN GmbH is a company belonging to the Phoenix Mecano group that develops and manufactures electromechanical components, testing technology equipment and customer-specific inductors for the global market since more than 40 years. The high quality products of the brands PTR (Connection Technology, Integrated Connection, Testing Technology) and HARTU (Inductors) as well as the HARTMANN Switches are part of the electronic and automobile solutions of today and tomorrow. From standard to customer-specific products, PTR HARTMANN GmbH ensures precision and quality down to the tiniest detail.

Technik Partner Ltd. Is a proud holder of ISO 9001 certificate