Assembly and check-test stations
Our company develop, design and manufacture assembly fixtures and check stations build into automated assembly workstation. The main advantage of workstation is instant or consecutive test of assembled part at one place.

Few advantages when using assembly fixtures and check stations build in automated assembly workstation:

  • assembly tact time reduction
  • assembly quality increase
  • reduction of produced “reject” parts
  • simplification of complicated assembly operations
  • chance of job-related injuries reduction
  • possibility of instant quality check

EOLT Cushion- assembly and check station of a seat
Station checks the dimensions of manufactured product according to specified tolerances.
For example: diameter of ISOFIX wire tolerance 0,1mm, Coaxiality check, and weld position check. Next test is Bowden cable test of exact extension and insertion measured by linear potentiometer.
Positioning of wire is carried out by servodrive.
Markings as serial number and code is manufactured by punching tool.
Part of the station equipment is a phased torque tool.
Station is equipped with cameras to be ableto check the presence and dimensions of manufactured parts.

EOLT Cushion.png

EMC/EMI shielding covers assembly workstation for DPS (example).

  • Workstation providing precise guidance of DPS and connection with pin terminal.
  • Individual fixtures are equipped with precise guidance mechanism, pneumatic feed and reduced force.
Ukazka pracovist osazovani DPS stinicimi kryty.png

Semi automatic assembly station of board to board connector

  • station secures and sets the exact guidance of the DPS and precise contacting with the connector
  • individual collators are equipped by precise pneumatic drive guidance machanism with reduced force
Poloautomaticka stanice montaze board to board konektoru.png

Assembly workstation for USB HUB assembly

  • exchangeable fixtures for 5 project options
  • assembly of 3 segments(parts)
  • scanning of each individual part
  • recording into company database
  • work cycle time is 15 seconds
  • supplemented by a printer and laser
Montazni stroj pro USB HUB sestavy.png

Final check- test station
Semiautomatic test station for final check of control switch (control button).Test runs on the carousel. Camera check(Cognex)-type of product, electric test of switch button. OK/NOK labelling done by inkjet printer. At the outlet of the device is manipulator for transfer of products to conveyor or reject part box(red-box). Control and measurements are executed by Analog PC cards.

Stanice konecne kontroly.png

EOLT Recliner-test station of recliner

  • Bottom assembly: servo drive, gearbox, tensiometer for arm positioning and testing.
  • Upper assembly: servo drive, gearbox, tensiometer on the access for recliner unlocking
  • Tested part is automatically transferred to “remove” position after test
  • camera test of product code
EOLT Recliner.png

Work-Test station for assembly and leak test of windscreen washer fluid container.

Montazni pripravky 001.png

Workstation for application of double-side adhesive tape on Flexprint for Daimler cars.

Montazni pripravky 002.png

Workstation for assembly and final check of car washer fluid hose system.

Montazni pripravky 003.png