Link to full catalogue available for accessible: PTR_catalogue_terminal_blocks.pdf

The areas of application for our PCB terminal blocks and PCB multi-connectors are very diverse. PTR products are manufactured according to highest material quality standards and they are used in sectors from automation technology, safety engineering and telecommunications right up to building automation. Modifications of a standard housing or integration of an additional wire connection within the plastic housing are possible. Customers specific requests are welcomed.

Mechanical release of terminal blocks and connectors allows simple and repetitive dismantling without damaging the connection wires. Terminal blocks and connectors are offered in metric and inch options. There are a few wire connection options available. Screw terminals blocks (wire guard, the lift and excentre type) and spring terminal blocks (push in terminals or tension spring design).

For connecting terminal blocks in a row external bridges can be offered with or without insulation as an accessory. If required these can be assembled in to the terminal block and supplied as a single part. Terminal blocks and multi-connector systems can be produced in almost any other colour (RAL).

There is also a possibility to choose from variety of accessories as side walls, bridges, connectors, coding stars, separating elements and so on. Temperature resistance in some product is up to 265°C and max. current load up to 24A.

Terminal blocks and headers can be marked by different methods. PTR offers its customers two kinds of printing: Ink-jet printing, the cost-effective, fast and flexible solution to print letters or individual characters and tampon printing.


All products are certified by manufacturer.