PCB Test Fixtures:

Test assembly contains, mechanical system, bed of nails “leveling and pressing panel“, and test Electronics.

This test device is build and recommended for large scale production of PCB’s.

Devices can be pre-build for In-circuit tests, Flash testing,FCT functional tests.

Whole mechanism have been developed as an universal device, for simple “bed of nails“ replacement, according to actual manufactured and tested PCB’s.

We make sure that every testing device is build for accurate leveling, centering and fixing the PCB’s.

PCB’s are reinforced by press mechanism to prevent any bends of material in the process of testing.

Options we can offer based on the customers demand:

“bed of nails” for PCB tests

  • designed for applications with very small test probe center distance(0,76mm)
  • choice of electrostatic discharge material (ESD), clear or vision-proof material according to customers request.

PCB Fixture by itself (box only)

  • PCB fixtures for mass production and small batch production
  • we are offering few control options for PCB Fixtures-mechanical, electrical and pneumatic.

PCB Fixture set

  • complete PCB Fixture test assembly, according to customers request, adjusted exactly to manufacturing process, standards, quantity, automatization, qualification of operators, and requested data output.
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