Needle nozzles

Needle nozzles are designed for vide variety of static mixers. Needle nozzle connects to static mixer by adapter. Mainly used for precise point or line applications, or for adhesive dispensing in narow spaces or spaces difficult to access.

Straight stainless steel needle nozzles

Davkovaci jehly - rovne.png


SL - Mixázni systemy - jehly 01.png

Bend stainless steel needle nozzles

Davkovaci jehly - zahnute.png


SL - Mixázni systemy - jehly 02.png

Conical plastic needle nozzles

Davkovaci jehly - plastove jehly.png


SL - Mixázni systemy - jehly 03.png

Nozzle fixing to static mixer by addapter

Aretace davkovaci jehly.png

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