Full catalogue of assortment of goods can be downloaded at: PTR_catalogue_accessories.pdf

Receptacle assembly tools

Nastroje 01.png
Nastroje pro montaz 02.png

Nástroje pro montáž s plastovou rukojetí

Nastroje 02.png
Nastroje pro montaz 03.png

Tools for assembly and disassembly of unthreaded test probes

Nastroje - bez zavitu.png
Nastroje pro montaz 01.png

* Specific tool have to be selected for each type of test probe and head diameter of test probe. Therefore we would like to ask for full description-identification of test probe.

Fastening tools for threaded and push-back test probes.

Sroubovaci nastroje.png
Sroubovaci nastroje A_B.png