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ECSP Electronic Cleaning Solvent Plus, Aerosol with brush

ECSP is an extremely fast-drying solvent specially formulated for the quick and efficient cleaning of electrical equipment. A version is available with integral brush for removing stubborn deposits. Suitable for a range of electrical contacts and components in electronic and video equipment, computers, optical and precision instruments, cameras where other cleaning solvents may cause damage to plastic parts. (for example Hf receiver electronics, gentle switches, relay(solenoid switch), sensors, coil core, etc…)

  • Non-halogenated cleaning solvent; will not attack the ozone layer
  • Extremely fast evaporation rate; quick and efficient cleaning and degreasing
  • Dries without leaving any residue; leaves a clean, dry surface in one cleaning step
  • CO2 propelled aerosol version available; 20% more active cleaner and can be used at 360⁰ orientation
Cistici pripravky 001.png

Wire brush for mechanical cleaning

Dimensions: 150×35×12mm
Fibres: wrapped brass f 0,15mm or 0,25mm

Cistici pripravky 002.png